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About Slightly Greener & Tonya Harris, MSHN

Tonya Harris is an Environmental Toxin Specialist, childhood cancer survivor, and the founder and CEO of Slightly Greener: offering busy moms simple and doable solutions to reducing toxins, one product at a time.  

Believing mom-guilt is as toxic as the 3,000+ additives we’re being fed through our favorite foods, Tonya is an advocate for putting a stop to scaring moms into change and is loved for her approachable style of showing the way.  

She’s is a mom of three, and when she’s not busting toxic products or explaining why you CAN keep your favorite mascara, you’ll find her raising money for her organization Clubs to Cure Kids, from which she has donated over $160,000 for childhood cancer research and family support programs. 

Tonya Harris, MSHN, BCHN