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About Slightly Greener & Tonya Harris, MSHN

Tonya Harris is an environmental toxin expert and the founder of Slightly Greener, offering busy moms simple and doable solutions to reducing toxins, without turning their lifestyle upside-down.  

As a childhood leukemia survivor and the mother of three (one with multiple learning disabilities), Tonya’s path has led her to helping parents learn how toxins in the home can affect their child’s health. In addition to Board certification and a Master's degree in holistic nutrition, she holds multiple certificates in the environmental health field.  

She is the creator of the Slightly Greener Method™, and has been featured in Parents, Reader’s Digest and Thrive Global, and on Great Day Washington, WBTV, and Good Day Charlotte.

When she’s not busting toxic products, Tonya can be found spending time with her family, or raising money for her organization Clubs to Cure Kids, from which she has donated over $160,000 for childhood cancer research and family support programs in the Chicago area.

Tonya Harris, MSHN, BCHN