The Healthy Home Project


21 Days to a Healthier Home, So Your Family Can Thrive

Do you ever feel overwhlemed when it comes to buying safer products, or just wondering how to have a healthier home in general? Or maybe your child has attention issues, learning disabilities or frequent tantrums. Maybe allergies or asthma is an issue? 

Whether you found this page because you or your child has a health condition, or you just want a roadmap to a healthier home, you're in the right place.

When I first started researching which toxins to avoid that could be contributing to my children's attention issues, I was so overwhelmed, I almost didn't even try. 

I wished I had a roadmap, a more direct route to know what to do and how to start.

So after twelve years of helping my own children, thousands of hours of research, a Master's degree and Board Certification...I created that direct route. 

The Healthy Home Project Quick Fix is designed to be the quickest way to a healthier home. 

Since we can't avoid everything (and who has time for that anyway?!), this is the quickest, most direct way to help you decide which toxins to prioritize avoiding for your family's unique needs.  

And by the end of this 3-week program, you'll have your own blueprint to follow for your healthier home. 

Using my Slightly Greener Method™, you'll get a simple system for deciding which toxins to avoid, and then how to quickly and easily remove them (while also cleaning and organizing - I promise it's fun and easier than it sounds!). 

Your home will feel lighter and fresher, and you'll have a calm, healthy haven

No more wondering where to start, and worrying that nothing is good for us so we have to toss everything (we don't!), and no more wasting money on products we thought were safer that turn out to be anything but.  



Imagine how much better you'll sleep at night, knowing that you're doing the best for your family (maybe even your kids will, too-removing toxins can also help with sleep issues!).

 No more wondering where to start. No more hours and hours of research. No more wondering what else you could be doing.

This is your time to ask questions and tell me what you need, and I'll help you with the most direct route on how to get there.

You want safer makeup, but love your full-on toxic eyeshadow? I'll help you clean up your makeup bag but keep your favorite stuff. No guilt.

Or you want a complete pantry makeover because your child has tantrums, hyperactivity, or attention issues? We can do that.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program.

Think of it as the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, but toxin-style. It's your home, your family, your unique journey.

With my Slightly Greener Method™, we go as light green or dark green as you want to go.

Here's What You'll Get: 


Healthy Kitchen Tips

We start in the kitchen the first week. The first guide you fill out will help you decide your "dealbreaker" ingredients to avoid and why, so you know what to keep and what to replace. Then we'll go through your pantry, fridge, food storage containers, and reusable water bottles to make sure you start out with a strong, safe foundation.

And wait until you see your pantry and fridge after....


Better Beauty Brands & Personal Care Products

Again, we'll start off digging into your "why" so that we know what to keep, what to toss, and what to replace. You'll get a list of over 110 safer personal care products and cosmetics to buy, and simple DIY recipes (plus a cleaner, more organized bathroom and makeup bag!).


Cleaning Up Your Cleaning Products  

Now we dig into cleaning products. When you count how many you start with, compared to how many you end with you'll be shocked (in a good way). And you'll love how your cleaning cabinets and laundry room feel after!

You'll also get DIY cleaning recipes, safer cleaning products to buy, and simple tips for a cleaner home (that doesn't mean cleaning like crazy 24/7!).


  • Complete access to over 20 downloadable cheat sheets, guides, and how-to videos
  • Complete Resource Library access (contains over 30 guides and cheat sheets)
  • My "Safer Brands to Buy" Guide, with over 200 safer brands, and updated monthly ($97 value)


Bonus Guides: Coupons & Discounts, Websites & Apps to Help You Shop Healthier, Shopping Guide Cheat Sheet

But most of all...peace of mind, a calmer, healthier home, and a sense of control and well-being, knowing that you're doing what's best for you and your family. In just 8 weeks.



Meet Tonya Harris, MSHN, BCHN

Tonya Harris is an environmental toxin expert and the founder of Slightly Greener, offering busy moms simple and doable solutions to reducing toxins, without turning their lifestyle upside-down.  

As a childhood leukemia survivor and the mother of three (one with multiple learning disabilities), Tonya’s path has led her to helping parents learn how toxins in the home can affect their child’s health. In addition to Board certification and a Master's degree in holistic nutrition, she holds multiple certificates in the environmental health field.  

She is the creator of the Slightly Greener Method™, and has been featured in Reader’s Digest and Thrive Global, and on Great Day Washington, WBTV, and Good Day Charlotte.  


Q: How is the information delivered?

A: It's all online, and it's delivered through an easy-to-use site called Kajabi. Just create a log-in, and the info will be waiting! 

Q: When does it start?

A: As soon as you sign up. Once you register, you will receive an email and login info. Once you log in, the info will all be there!

Q: Do I have to finish the program in 3 weeks? What if I don't have time to finish it in 3 weeks?

A: No problem at all! You have lifetime access, which means you have access for as long as the course exists. You can go through this course at your own pace, repeat certain sections as a refresher - however you want! 

Q: This sounds great, but I would like more access to you. Is there a way to work with you one-on-one so I can get results even faster?

A: Yes! I am now offereing customized, individual services on an application basis. If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form - no pressure to join if we talk!